Reasons to buy a house in this area

The unique climate

  • With no less than 310 sunny days a year you can be assured of beautiful weather throughout the year.
  • Microclimate different from the rest of the Spanish continent.
  • Mild winters in contrast with for example the French Côte d'Azur, the Italian Tuscany, Croatia or Bulgaria.
  • No unbearable summer temperatures like for instance in Morocco.
  • Microclimate different from the rest of the Spanish continent.

Nature's paradise

The region between Valencia and Alicante takes in a special place thanks to :

  • It's 218 km coastline adjacent to the breathtaking green valleys and impressive, high mountains.
  • The rural planning of the Alicante province which provided 53 % wood on the territory opposite to an average of 37 % in the rest of Spain.

The new Europe

  • There is a definite migration of people from northern to southern-Europe and from eastern to western-Europe.
  • The new Europe guarantees that each European can settle down in Spain and automatically get a working permit.
  • There is a clear shifting in the type of buyer on the Costa Blanca :
    • more young families and young pensioners
    • enormous increase of permanent living opposite to holiday home


  • The Spanish standard of living is in the meantime equal to that of the European leaders.
  • Politically and economically a stable country
  • Strong advanced infrastructure
  • A modern country with both feet in the 21st century
  • Broadband internet
  • New and vast motorway network
  • Mobile network
  • International airports
  • Perfectly maintained beaches
  • Admitted and trustworthy notary and land registry offices
  • An efficient, contemporary banking system

Clean environment

The WHO (World Health Organisation) classified the Costa Blanca by one of the most healthy spots on earth thanks to :

  • the ideal climatological circumstances
  • the lack of polluted industry

Safe and high yield investments

  • An increasing amount of northern- and middle Europeans, as well as the in the meantime Spaniards of means, choose their place under the sun on the Costa Blanca.
  • Stable long term invest conditions
  • An extensive and still growing package of commercial possibilities
  • Reliable, locally anchored businesses with favorable priced goods and services

Exceptional healthcare

  • On the list of the WHO for healthcare, Spain ranks on the 7th place.
  • Joining the Seguridad Social gives dues to free healthcare from doctors, hospitals etc.
  • Wide offer of private clinics, also owned by and with foreign doctors and surgeons

Life quality and well-being

  • A questionnaire shows that for the gross of Europeans the typically southern, relaxed lifestyle means an enormous improvement to their quality of life.
  • Large offer of sports and culture

The California of Europe

The Costa Blanca earned this nickname because of:

  • Its lovely wines
  • Its wonderful boulevards
  • Its countless terraces, from mundane to cozy beach bar
  • Its eminent beaches
  • Its vast offer of democratically priced restaurants of superb quality
  • Its friendly, hospitable people

A true children's paradise

  • By nature a child-friendly country with child-friendly people
  • Top class schools where classes of 10 students are more the exception than the rule
  • Each school hosts foreign children, so it is not difficult to find foreign parents at the school gates for a chat and some info
  • The children grow up in the healthy air with the beach as their playground
  • In Spain, the family still is the cornerstone of the society

Why buying or selling with MAX?

Just like at home, you need a local real estate agent. Someone that knows the area very well and has lots of experience and an excellent reputation.MAX has all these qualities: a completely independant agent with a strong, almost old fashioned appraoch and feeling towards our clients. MAX knows its product through and through. Your needs will be ours. A personal approach, possibly in cooporation with a broad network of agents, locally and abroad.

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